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(As of January 17th, 2013)

ThievingIcon Thieving is a skill which will be included in Projectrs06. Thieving allows a player to train the skill while directly gaining loot from NPCs, Stalls, and Chests.


  • Pickpocketing is the most basic form of thieving, as it can be done at level 1. Basically, there is a list of NPCs which can be pickpocketed from. If a player meets the level requirements, the can right click on (Or in some cases left click on) an npc and select the "pickpocket" option.
  • Depending on your thieving level, your chances of succeeding at pickpocketing will vary. It is very possible to fail at pickpocketing, and the player will almost always be damaged by the NPC they are trying to pickpocket (Usually not fatal amounts, unless you carelessly let your HP dwindle for a long time) as such, it is sometimes beneficial to bring food. A common food to bring is cake, as it heals in small amounts at a time.

For Quick reference, here is a table for pickpocketing.

NPC name Level Exp. Possible loot Stun time (seconds) Stun damage
Man/Woman 1 12 3 coins 5 1
Farmer 10 21.75 9 coins, potato seed 5 1
Female H.A.M. member 15 27.75 coins, tinderbox, logs, uncut semi-precious gems, level 1 clue scroll, steel pickaxes/ raw anchovies, raw chicken, H.A.M. clothing, iron pickaxe, steel hatchet low-level herbs, rusty sword, damaged armour and other items, coal, unpolished buttons, feathers. Wearing H.A.M. clothing increases the success rate. 4 1-3
Male H.A.M. member 20 33.75 coins, tinderbox, logs, uncut semi-precious gem, level 1 clue scroll, raw anchovies, raw chicken, H.A.M. clothing, bronze pickaxes, iron pickaxe, steel pickaxes, low-level herbs, rusty sword, damaged armour and other items. Wearing H.A.M. clothing increases the success rate. 4 1-3
Warrior woman/Al-Kharid Warrior 25 39 18 coins 5 2
Rogue 32 35.5 25-40 coins, wine, air rune, poisoned iron dagger, lockpick, egg 5 2
Cave goblin 36 53.25 30 coins, Oil Lamp, Bullseye Lantern, unlit torch, tinderbox, swamp tar, cave goblin foods, 1-4 iron ore, cave goblin wire 5 1
Master Farmer 38 64.5 Various Allotment, Flower, and Herb Seeds (not including Spirit Weed and Wergali seeds). Potatoes most common, rarity increases with the farming level of the seed. 5 3
Guard 40 69.75 30 coins 5 2
Fremennik Citizen 45 97.5 40 coins 5 2
Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit 45 97.5 40 coins 5 5
Desert Bandit 53 119.25 30 coins, Antipoison, Lockpick 5 3
Knight of Ardougne 55 126.45 50 coins, court summons 5 3
Pollnivian Bandit 55 126.45 50 coins 5 5
Yanille Watchman 65 206.25 60 coins and bread 5 3
Menaphite Thug 65 206.25 60 coins 5 5
Paladin 70 227.625 80 coins and 2 chaos runes, court summons 3
Monkey knife fighter 70 250 1-50 coins, black knives (normal and poisoned ones), Lobsters, Mithril scimitars, Adamant scimitars, Rune scimitars and Dragon scimitars 6
Gnome 75 298 300 coins, 1 earth rune, gold ore, Fire orb, swamp toad, King worm, court summons 5 1
Hero 80 300 200-300 coins (80%) (200= 1/2, 300= 1/3) , 2 death runes (1/15) , blood rune (1/33), Fire orb (1/100), diamond (1/100), gold ore (1/33), wine (1/33), court summons 6 4
Elf 85 530 250-350 coins, Fire orb, gold ore, Wine, 2 death runes, cut diamonds, unicorn horn, dark wizard robe, 3 nature runes 6 5

A player leveling up to 85.

Due to the fact that there are so many of these NPCs around, it can offer pretty good income and exp to focus on pickpocketing training.

Market StallsEdit

After a little bit of pickpocketing, the option to steal from certain stalls located around Projectrs06 is added to the mix. Many players find it beneficial to steal from these, as they offer great rewards for those dedicated enough to keep at it. The trick to stalls is not being seen stealing from them.

Again, for quick reference, here is a table depicting the requirements and rewards for each stall thieving option.

Stall Level Exp Items Location Respawn Time E.P.S.
Vegetable stall 2 15 Onion, Cabbage, Potato, Tomato, or Garlic Miscellania,Etceteria, Burthorpe* 2 seconds 5
Baker's stall 5 24 Cake, Bread or Chocolate slice East Ardougne, Keldagrim, Burthorpe 2.5 seconds 6.4
Crafting stall 5 24 Chisel, Ring Mould, or Necklace Mould Ape Atoll, Keldagrim, Burthorpe 7 seconds 2.3
Monkey Food stall 5 24 Banana Ape Atoll 7 seconds 2.3
Monkey general store 5 24 Pot, Hammer, or Tinderbox Ape Atoll 7 seconds 2.3
Tea stall 5 24 Cup of tea Varrock 7 seconds 2.3
Silk stall 20 36 Silk East Ardougne 8 seconds 3
Wine stall 22 40.5 Jug of water, Jug of wine, Grapes, Jug, Bottle of wine Draynor Village, Burthorpe 16 seconds 1.7
Seed stall 27 15 Various seeds Draynor Village, Burthorpe 11 seconds 0.9
Fur stall 35 54 Fur, Grey Wolf Fur East Ardougne, Rellekka 15 seconds 2.4
Fish stall 42 63 Raw Salmon, Raw Tuna, or Raw Lobster Rellekka, Miscellenia,Etceteria 16 seconds 1.7
Silver stall 50 81 Silver Ore East Ardougne, Keldagrim 30 seconds 1.8
Spice stall 65 121.5 Spice East Ardougne 80 seconds 1
Magic stall 65 150 Air, Earth, Fire, Water, or Law Rune Ape Atoll 80 seconds 1.3
Scimitar stall 65 150 Iron Scimitar Ape Atoll 80 seconds 1.3
Gem stall 75 240 Uncut Sapphire, Uncut Emerald, Uncut Ruby, Uncut Diamond East Ardougne, Keldagrim 3 Minutes 0.1

As you can see, high level thieving can provide some prety nice rewards for players who spend the time getting there. It is noted that the cake stalls are an excellent source of food for players who wish to train thieving in Projectrs06 without having to spend too much money on food from other players or the time to gather it themselves through other means.


There are many chests scattered around projectrs06, and because of thieving it is possible to open some of them for the rewards inside.

Chest Level Exp. Items Location Respawn Time E.P.S.
10-coin chest 13 10.5 10 coins Ardougne, Rellekka, Rogue's Den 7 seconds 1
Nature-rune chest 28 37.5 3 coins, Nature runes Ardougne, Rellekka 12 seconds 3.1
50-coin chest 43 187.5 50 coins Ardougne, Axe hut 55 seconds 2.3
Pirates' Hideout 39  ? Small amounts of coins, runes Pirates' Hideout 15 seconds 0.5
Arrowtip chest 47 225 5 Steel arrowtips Hemenster, Rellekka 210 seconds 0.7
Blood rune chest 59 375 500 coins, 2 Blood runes Chaos Druid Tower 210 seconds 1.9


  • There are also some doors which can only be opened via lockpicking. For which you need lockpicks. Although there are also wall safes in the rogue's den which need to be picked.