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Ranged is a combat skill that uses a variety of different weapons, such as a shortbow, longbow, knifes, darts, javelins and thrown axes with ranged, just like with magic, it's possible to kill your enemy from a distance. This can give an archer an advantage in combat, most importantly when it is vital to get the first hit in such activities as the Duel Arena and Player killing. It is important to remember that mages have a weakness to ranged attacks and meleers have the advantage over rangers; this is called the combat triangle. Ranged Level Up Sound.
Woodcutting Level Up Sound

Attack StylesEdit

Ranged has the three attack styles: Rapid, Accurate, and Long Range. These all allow for xp gains in these skills: ranged, hitpoints, and (for long range) defence. The attack style that gives the fastest xp gain is the rapid attack style. The Accurate style is not as fast as the Rapid style, but allows players to hit harder.

If you find you are out of range for a particualr target, switching to the Long Ranged style often allows you to attack them. Using the Long Ranged setting allows you to shoot eight squares away instead of the limit of six for the other two styles. If you wish to remain level 1 defence, then you should take care not to use Long Ranged as you will gain defence xp.

Ranged BonusEdit

Range values
Ranged armour offers the highest ranged and magic defence bonuses. Short bows are recomended over longbows because they hit quicker when an opponent is up close. However this rule is reversed when you are shooting from a long distance. Rangers can use equipment such as amulets to increase bonuses and special prayers.

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Main article: Bow (weapon)


Bows are the most popular ranged weapon. They require two hands to wield, but because of their lack of a shield, some might opt for an alternative that allows for the use of a shield. The most powerful bow is the crystal bow, while the weakest is the bow.

The most popular type of arrows, which are the ammunition used for bows, is generally Iron arrows because of how cheap it is, but richer players can choose rune.

For a new player starting out, the best bow is the shortbow, until they reach around level 30 ranged and can change for a maple shortbow. The best bow that can be bought without the need of a quest is the magic shortbow, wieldable at level 50 ranged. The longbow versions of these items have the same power as a shortbow, although they do not preform as well in short distances.

Icon Name Ranged Level
Wood shortbow
Shortbow 1
Longbow 10
Longbow 1
Short bow oak Oak Shortbow 5
Long bow oak Oak Longbow 5
Ogre bow Ogre Bow 30
Comp ogre bow Composite Ogre Bow 30
Short bow willow Willow Shortbow 20
Long bow willow Willow Longbow 20
Cullseer bow Seercull Bow 50
Short bow maple Maple Shortbow 39
Long bow maple Maple 30
Short bow yew Yew Shortbow 40
Long bow yew Yew Longbow 40
Crystal bow Crystal Bow 70
Short bow magic Magic Shortbow 50
Long bow magic Magic Longbow 50


Main article: Arrow

Arrow Type Level/bow
Bronze Arrow 1 Normal Bow
Iron Arrow 1 Normal Bow
Steel Arrow 5 Oak Bow
Mithril Arrow 20 Willow Bow
Adamant Arrow 30 Maple Bow
Rune Arrow 50 Magic Bow

Throwing weaponsEdit

The requirement to wield these is the Tourist Trap quest.


Main article: Throwing knives

Name Level
Bronze Knife 1
Iron Knife 1
Steel Knife 5
Black Knife 10
Mithril Knife 20
Adamant Knife 30
Rune Knife 40


Main article: Dart


Bronze Dart 1
Iron Dart 1
Steel Dart 5
Black Dart 10
Mithril Dart 20
Adamant Dart 30
Rune Dart 40


Main article: Javelins

Name Level
Bronze Javelin 1
Iron Javelin 1
Steel Javelin 5
Black Javelin 10
Mithril Javelin 20
Adamant Javelin 30
Rune Javelin 40


Main article: Thrown axes

Name Level
Bronze Thrownaxe 1
Iron Thrownaxe 1
Steel Thrownaxe 5
Mithril Thrownaxe 20
Adamant Thrownaxe 30
Rune Thrownaxe 40


TokTz-xil-ul, also known as obsidian throwing rings, require 60 range to use. They are the strongest form of thown weapon in 2006scape. The only way to obtain them is as a drop from TzHaar-Xil or by purchasing them from TzHaar-Hur-Tel's Equipment Store.

Dwarf MulticannonEdit

Main article: Dwarf multicannon

Cannon full

Unlike any other weapon in the game, the cannon can hit up to 30 consistantly against a group of monsters reguardless of their level. This cannon is a useful tool for slayer tasks as it kills so quickly.

The cannon requires cannonballs to fire, both of which can be bought from other players. Cannonballscan be made with steel bars at level 35 Smithing. The cannon can not be created, but can be bought after the completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest.


Leather ArmourEdit

Main article: Leather equipment

Icon Name Ranged Level Defence Level
Leather cowl Cowl 1 1
Leather vambraces Vambraces 1 1
Leather body Leather Body 1 1

Hardleather Body

10 10
Leather studbody

Studded Leather Body



Leather studchaps Studded Leather Chaps 20 20
Leather coif Coif 20 20

Snakeskin ArmourEdit

Main article: Snakeskin armour

Icon Name Ranged Level Defence Level
Snakeskin boots Snakeskin Boots 30 30
Snakeskin vambraces Snakeskin Vambraces 30 30
Snakeskin bandana

Snakeskin Bandana

30 30
Snakeskin chaps

Snakeskin Chaps

30 30
Snakeskin body Snakeskin Body 30 30

Dragonhide ArmourEdit

Main article: Dragonhide armour

Dragonhide armour, made out of dragonhide and is some of the strongest ranged armour worn for ranged.

Icon Name Ranged Level Defence Level
Green leather chaps Green d'hide chaps 40 0
Green leather vambraces Green d'hide vambraces 40 0
Green leather body Green d'hide body 40 40
Blue leather body Blue Body 50 50
Blue leather chaps Blue Chaps 50 0
Blue leather vambraces Blue Vambraces 50 0
Red leather body Red Body 60 55
Red leather chaps Red Chaps 60 0
Red leather vambraces Red Vambraces 60 0
Black leather body Black Body 70 60
Black leather chaps Black Chaps 70 0
Black leather vambraces Black Vambraces 70 0

Other Useful ranged itemsEdit

Making Ranged itemsEdit