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What is the 2006Scape wiki?

Welcome to the Official Project rs06 Wiki.

How can you help the Wiki? The Wiki only has a few pages now and they are very empty content-wise. The Wiki needs everyone's help. Spare 10 minutes of your time to get an item icon, write a small text about it, and create a new page. There is a lot of content that will be in the game and that the Wiki does not cover. If you wish to help the Wiki, you can browse the existing articles and edit them if you spot a mistake or add something that is missing.It's best to register an account on the Wiki; this way, you will be able to see all the edits you've made and everyone will see how helpful you were! To do create a new page, click on the 'Contribute' button at the left top corner of the page and select 'Add a page'. You will be able to write text, add photos and much more. If you have edited Wikis before, you could choose to edit it in source code so you can add images, links, and other things much easier.

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is a shopkeeper found in Zanaris Market. She sells Dragon Daggers and Dragon longswords. . '.... Read More
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Want to help out?

Before editing BE SURE to read this.
Contribute and help make this the best resource for Project rs06. To start a new article, just enter the title in the box below and click the button.

Another great way is to help expand unfinished articles. Here is a list of them. Also, if you see an unfinished article, add it to the "Article Stubs" category so that people can finish them. Here is a list of articles that have been requested to be created. That's great help also.

How do I Report a Page?

It is really simple to report a page. Simply add it to the category "Marked for Deletion" and add a little note of why it should be deleted. Pages get cleaned out often keeping our wiki clean and accurate.

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