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MiningIconMining is a skill that allows you to extract rune essence, ores, gems, and other resources from rocks within Geilinor. Ores can be smelted into bars by using furnaces via the Smithing skill. These bars can be used to create various items. Mining is said to be a highly efficient way of making money, since high prices for ores and bars can make great profit.

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Mining Level Up

How it works:Edit

In order to mine a rock you must have a Pickaxe that is able to mine it, and the appropiate mining level. Pickaxes don't need to be equipped in order to use them. The better the pickaxe the faster you will mine the ore. This helps when mining higher level ore which takes longer. Pickaxes range from bronze to rune.

Type of Pickaxes:Edit

Pickaxe Mining Level Attack level
Bronze pickaxe Bronze pickaxe 1 1
Iron pickaxe Iron pickaxe 1 1
Steel Pickaxe Steel pickaxe 6 5
Mithril Pickaxe Mithril pickaxe 21 20
Adamant Pickaxe Adamant pickaxe 31 30
Rune pickaxe Rune pickaxe 41 40

Mineable Items:Edit

Old mining animation

A player mining.

Ores can mainly be found in mines around Geilinor, which are marked with a grey pickaxe icon in your minimap. The color of the rock represents its ore, and prospecting it will tell you which one it is. Mining a rock can randomly give you different gems which can be used to make jewelery with the Crafting skill. Players can also mine clay and granite, which can be used to create quest items and alternate armours as well as power-training. Mining granite and dropping it is known for being one of the fastest xp/hour within the game.

There are 9 type of ores that can be mined:Edit

Ore Mining Level Xp Notes
Tin Ore Tin 1 17.5 Use it in a Furnace along with copper to make a Bronze bar.
Copper oreCopper 1 17.5 Use it in a furnace along with tin to make a bronze bar.
Iron OreIron 15 35 Use 2 ores on a furnace to make an iron bar, it has a 50% chance of fail.
Silver OreSilver 20 40 Can be used to make Jewelery.
CoalCoal 30 50 Used to make steel to rune bars. Steel requires iron to make, while the other their respective ores.
Gold oreGold 40 65 Can be used to make jewelery.
Mithril OreMithril 55 80 Can be found in bulks at the Mining guild. Used with Coal in a furnace to make mithril bars.
Adamantite oreAdamant 70 95 Great money source. Used with Coal in a furnace to make Adamant bars.
Rune OreRune 85 125 Rarest ore overall, can only be found in the Wilderness and Heroes guild. Re-spawning takes about an hour.

Mining sites

Main article: Mining sites

You can mine ores in particular sites the ore you choose may depend where you end up mining them.

Essence mining:

Essence may be mined after the Rune Mysteries quest, at the Rune Essence Mine. You will mine Rune essence from level 1-30, and Pure essence from level 30 and beyond. To get to the Rune Essence Mine, you must talk to any of the wizards which teleport you to it. You may see their names and their locations at the Rune Essence Mine page. To mine a pure essence rock you will require level 1 Mining, but the higher your level the faster you will mine the essence. Pure essence is essentially a blank rune that can be made into a usable rune with the Runecrafting skill. It is not an ore.

Mining a pure essence will grant 5 experience.

Random EventsEdit

Training Tips/SuggestionsEdit

Mining can be a quite slow skill to train, specially at higher levels. At the same time, it can be very lucrative, and even entertaining, if done propely. For that end, here are some tips and suggestions on training this important skill:

Level 1Edit

At level 1, you don't have that many options to go about mining. Being only able to mine Copper, Tin, Clay and Rune Essence, training at this stage is pretty simple. Clay and Essence are poor xp/hour options, and should only be used if you plan on levelling Crafting/Runecrafting along with your Mining. For the best Mining xp, go with Copper and Tin, trying to keep a 1:1 ratio between them if you plan on smithing Bronze later.

Some good places to train at this stage are the Southeast Varrock Mine (close to bank) and the Dwarven Mines (farther away, but often less crowded).

Level 20-25Edit

At some point between level 20 and 25, you will want to move on to mining Iron. It is not recommended that you mine Iron on levle 15, as it takes far too long. Iron is quite a good money maker, so you may find yourself storing these ores and selling them later on. You can also train your Smithing using them.

Some good places to train at this stage are the Southeast Varrock Mine and the Rimmington Mine (if you want to powermine).

Level 60+Edit

As you gain access to the Mining Guild, mining Coal becomes a very viable option. Coal is a highly profitable mineral, and, at level 60, you cna mine it rather quickly. If you want to increase your profits and/or Smithing potential, try to mine the Mithril Ores in the Guild while also mining Coal.

The Mining Guild is the place to go if you want to make a profit or fuel your Smithing with Coal and Mithril. If you just want quick xp, powermining Iron at a secluded place (Rimmington Mine, for example) or Granite will be your options.