Mind rune
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Quest Item








High Alch

3 Coins

Low Alch

2 Coins

Store Price

17 Coins


Used for basic missile spells.


0 kg

Mind runes are a type of non-elemental rune. They can be found by drops from monsters such as Goblins and Man or they can be made using the the Runecrafting skill. They can be bought from shops such as Aubury in Varrock, or other rune shops around Project RS06. Another easy way to obtain them is by trading another player and buying them from the seller. Mind Runes are used in most low level magic spells, such as Wind Strike, Water Strike, Earth Strike and Fire Strike.

The mind altar can be found north of Falador, in between Ice Mountain and Goblin Village, quite near the Wilderness. To craft Mind Runes, you only need a Runecrafting level of 1 and rune or pure essence. When one Mind Rune has been crafted, it gives 5.5 Runecrafting experience, which works out at a total of 154 experience per inventory without pouches.

Spawn Locations of Mind Runes:

  • Lumbridge Castle (on the bottom floor, next to the south stairs)

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