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The Defence skill increases the player's chance of completely ignoring oncoming attacks. Experience can be gained by fighting in the Defensive attack style.

Players can equip better armour as their Defence level increases. At level 70 Defence, Barrows armour is the highest tier armour. Armour can be seen as a continuation to the Defence skill as it also increases the player's chance of completely ignoring oncoming attacks.

See the Combat Triangle for more information on armour bonuses and weaknesses.

Defence Level Up Sound.
Defence Level Up


When fighting with monsters and NPC's, it is recommended that you protect yourself from taking damage. These are the main metals.

Metal Defence Level Smithing Level


Bronze plate

1 1-18


Iron platebody

1 15-33


20090829223012!Steel platebody

5 30-48


Black plate

10 Not smithed


Mithril platebody

20 50-68


Adamant platebody

30 70-88


Rune platebody

40 85-99


Dragon chainbody


Not smithed

Armour typesEdit

There are many different types of armour worn on different slots.

Helmets Bronze med helm Bronze full helmEdit

Articles: Medium helms, Full helms.

Medium (med) and full helms are worn on the head slot. Full helmets offer better protection than medium helmets.

Chainmail 20090829211459!Bronze chainbodyEdit

Article: Chainmails.

Chainmail protects well from slashing and crushing attacks, as well as from magic attacks. Chainmail is weak towards ranged attacks.

Platemail Bronze plateBronzeplatelegsBronze plateskirtEdit

Articles: Platebodies , Platelegs, Plateskirts.

This is the heaviest piece of armour. Not recommended to wear if ranging or casting spells. Platebodys, plateskirts and platelegs are good against Slash and Stab attacks.

Shields BronzekiteshieldBronze square shieldEdit

Articles: Kiteshields and Square shields.

Square shields are weaker than kiteshields. Both shields are good against Slash attacks, but they have different weaknesses: Square shields are weak against Crush and kiteshields are weak against Stab. Worn on left hand.

Dragon armourEdit

Dragon armour is not like all of the other metals. The armor pieces are rare and some of them have high requirements and are obtained only from rare monster drops. All of them require at least 60 defence to wear.

Image Item Other Requirements

Dragon med helm

Dragon med helm -

Dragon chainbody

Dragon chainbody -

20071018040031!Dragon platelegs

Dragon platelegs -

Dragon plateskirt

Dragon plateskirt -

Dragon square shield

Dragon sq shield Legends' Quest

Barrows equipmentEdit

Main article: Barrows equipment

All Barrows equipment have a 70 defence requirement to wield.

Image Barrows Set Name Defence Level Other Requirements

Torag full

Torag set 70 70 attack, 70 strength

Karil full

Karil's set 70 70 ranged

Dharok full

Dharok set 70 70 attack, 70 strength

Ahrim full

Ahrim's set 70 70 magic, 70 attack

Guthan full

Guthans' set 70 70 attack

Other armourEdit

Granite armour requires level 50 Defence to wear.

Defence XP rewardsEdit

List of quests in 2006scape that give Defence experience:

A total of 49937 experience.