Axes are used to hack logs from trees. Axes require attack levels to wield but could still be used to cut trees as long as the required woodcutting level is met. Axes range from bronze to dragon, and can be created using the smithing skill except for the black and dragon hatchets. The bronze-steel axes can be purchased from Bob's Brilliant Axes. The other axes are obtained from monster drops.

Type of Axe Woodcutting Level Smithing Level

Shop Price

Bronze hatchet Bronze Axe 1 1 16 gp
Iron hatchet  Iron Axe 1 16 56 gp
Steel hatchet  Steel Axe   6 31 200 gp
Black hatchet  Black Axe 6 N/A N/A
Mithril hatchet  Mithril Axe 21 51 N/A
Adamant hatchet Adamant axe 31 71 N/A
Rune hatchet inv  Rune Axe 41 86 N/A
Dragon axe  Dragon Axe 41 N/A N/A

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